It’s not very often that a great domain shows up on the marketplace for sale.
It is even harder to try and determine what a domain is worth.

It is but my opinion that a domain is worth more if it fits into more than one business
category and can be used by many sectors of industry.

I am often amazed at what some domains actually bring when placed for auction.

A few recent .com sales.

PersonalLoans.com  $1,000,000.00   sold in 2012
Jackpot.com     $500,000  sold in 2012
Social.com     $2,600,000 sold in 2011
DomainName.com     $1,000,000.00 sold in 2011
Dudu.com     $1,000,000  sold in 2011
VU.com     $700,000  sold in 2011

Marijuana.com $4,200,000.00

Reported sales from the past few weeks.

Indi.com     $115,000
Bohe.com     $85,000
PrinterCartridges.com     $60,000
Seri.com     $45,000

The following domains are reportedly for sale, which one do you think has the
ability to bring 6 to 7 figures? Which one do you think would cover the widest
area of industry?


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Nancy Arter says:

    I like be verified.com . I think a fraud solutions compan will want it.

  2. I like that one also. Just off the top of my head I can think of several uses for it.
    Financial/Credit/Banking/Social Network/Materials testing the more I think about it,
    the more categorys it appears to fall under. Who would of thought that DUDU would
    of sold for $1,000,000…….

  3. Rivalina says:

    I think the beverfied.com will make it.

  4. melaniekatz says:

    Probably beverified- it’s vague enough of a name that it could be used for a majority of things

    Very interesting post, btw (=

  5. @melaniekatz…. I can see value in the name. I will be adding more names to the list
    of ones that have sold. I’m still shocked at what some names have sold for. What
    amazes me is that there are “programs” online that claim they can appraise what a
    domain is worth. Last time I plugged google into one, I think it returned a value
    of about 70K lol
    I think and I could be wrong, a good way to judge the value of a name is to tell
    like 50 people or so the name of a domain. Wait a day or two, and ask them
    if they remember the name. If the name is not easily remembered, then why even
    try and use that name?

  6. bosmanajemen says:

    Nice information, tq

  7. emounz says:

    nice bro 🙂

  8. Interesting! Thanks for that information.

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